Paideia High School

Frequently Asked Questions

What districts is Paideia High School available for?

PHS welcomes all high school students interested in attending at the host campus in Valley.

How many students does Paideia High School take each year?

Due to space considerations, PHS can enroll a maximum of 18 students per grade level.

Does Paideia High School cost money to attend?

No. PHS is a public high school.

Do students participate in annual testing?

Students participate in annual, state-required standardized tests.

Where do students attend school?

The PHS complex is located across the street from the Valley School and consists of modular buildings. There are multiple classrooms and study areas, a music building, staff offices and a seminar room.

Is bussing provided?

Through VL Transport Center, PHS students will be bussed from all areas of Loon Lake, Summit Valley and Valley School Districts.

Does Paideia High School offer competitive athletics?

While PHS does not have its own athletics program, students are encouraged to participate in athletic programs in neighboring districts.

Do Paideia High School students earn high school credits?

Yes. PHS students earn high school credits.

How are transcripts handled?

PHS will provide an official transcript to students, recognized by two- and four-year universities.