Paideia High School

The Paideia Experience

Why Choose Paideia High School?

Paideia High School offers students a well-rounded liberal arts education in an environment that is much different than a traditional high school setting. Instead of subjects being taught independently of each other, Paideia incorporates core high school subjects in a collaborative manner. Class size and student-to-teacher ratio is much smaller than the state average, allowing for more student/teacher interactions.

As part of Paideia’s liberal arts curriculum, students receive one-on-one piano lessons and participate in physical education opportunities such as rope courses, golf, ski school and more.

What Is Paideia Like?

Paideia students are expected to apply themselves in learning the Language Arts (Latin, English, literature, writing and social studies); Scientific Arts (science and math); and Fine Arts (music and visual arts). In addition to class time spent with Didactic Instruction (lecture) and coaching time, students also participate in a weekly seminar.

Incoming students are part of a cohort (students who enter school in the same year and are grouped together, regardless of grade), creating a tightknit group of students who will develop friendships that last a lifetime.

Because Paideia does not have competitive athletics other than archery, students wishing to play high school sports may do so at a high school in their resident school district.

Is Paideia Right For My Student?

At Paideia, students are challenged to grow intellectually. Students will be asked to perform difficult tasks, and they will receive ample help in completing those tasks. Students should be prepared for more difficult subjects, such as Latin and music. Paideia works well for students willing to work hard and apply themselves in all of their learning activities.

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