Paideia High School

Weather Station

A weather station has been installed on the Science building, and data is being transmitted 24/7. This weather station will be used by PHS Earth Science students on an ongoing basis as they observe, explore, and record the meteorological characteristics for the Valley area. The weather station will demonstrate the differences between the four seasons, help discern quantitative and qualitative aspects of weather, and monitor the meteorological characteristics that when put together will make up an area's climate.

Current Conditions Current Conditions as of 5/20/19 at 5:59 AM Current Conditions as of Monday, May 20, 2019 at 5:59 AM

Measurement Current Today's Highs Today's Lows
Outside Temp 34.6 F 42.9 F 1:05am 34.5 F 5:57am
Outside Humidity 94% 94% 4:01am 86% 12:11am
Inside Temp 65.5 F 70.5 F 12:00am 65.5 F 5:56am
Inside Humidity 34% 35% 12:34am 34% 12:00am
Heat Index 35.0 F 43 F 12:24am
Wind Chill 34.0 F 33 F 4:46am
Dew Point 33.0 F 40 F 1:00am 33 F 5:14am
Barometer 29.788" 29.788" 5:59am 29.772" 1:00am
Bar Trend Steady
Wind Current Today's Highs 10 Min
Wind Speed 1.0 Mph 6.0 Mph 1:31am
Wind Direction Southeast 141°
Wind Speed Average 1.0 Mph
Wind Speed Gusts 3.0 Mph
Rain Rate Storm Day Month Year
Rain 0.0000" 1.3100" 0.0000" 1.3100" 5.8500"